Publié le 11/03/2019

Digital taxation – cctb – whistleblower directive – travel custom limits

The first meeting of the new UFE-Presiding Board took place in Budapest (Hungary). There the Presiding Board analyzed the recent political developments in Europe ( yellow vests movements, far right parties) and came to the conclusion, that one of the reasons can be found in taxation and customs.

The Presiding Board agreed, that UFE supports any plan developing a directive for effective digital taxation. Any digital tax introduced must be paid by the companies, not by the consumer (no further VAT-like tax).

The UFE demands to develop the European CCTB (common corporate tax base). European countries must support each other to do a fair taxation. Any tax war between the countries is the wrong way.

UFE supports the Whistleblower directive of the EU. the UFE regrets any persecution. Nevertheless UFE thinks, that the first whistleblowing must be done to the government and not to the press. The fight against money laundering is very important. Any sucess in this topic reduces the possible risk of financing terrorism. Therefore UFE postulates to reduce the existing travel limit (10.000€) of cash money.

The UFE Presiding Board thanks our Hungarian friends from the VPDSZ with their President Gabor Holecz for their hospitality an their support for the UFE.

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